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The miniaturisation of lighting equipment means that luminaires can now be very small/discrete/concealed from view - so, the focus can be on the objects or surfaces being lit and not on the lights.

By using remote source technology or LED source equipment there is no heat contained in the light beam, which means the source can be very close to materials, objects and surfaces - so we can create notable contrasts that attract and inspire without using lots of energy... this also provides the freedom to work with more interesting shapes, forms, and materials - we can now work with scale and a forms that were not easily possible before the current development of LED technologies.

Lighting components can be provided in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms meaning we can provide light in more interesting ways and can allow for more creative systems - providing functional lighting and/or feature. bespoke lighting can take many forms - tailored to suit a specific space or application - Optimised luminaires - Features and focal points - Integrated lighting details

- Bespoke Light Structures

3D printing/Additive manufacturing has been around for a long time - (the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file) - but is now becoming more accessible and applicable to the lighting sector. 3D Printing makes it possible to create luminaire parts, prototypes and details for mock ups in way which are much quicker and more cost effective than with previous technologies.

We can even print bespoke 3D optics and combine optics, printing and light.

The main benefit though is the ability to make high volumes of unique objects at minimal additional cost.

From Concept to realisation - We work with specialists across many sectors, not just lighting/construction but with automotive/nautical/aviation component producers, software developers, scientists, artists, and media producers. Our designs often incorporate leading technologies, unseen before in a particular application or location, we have provided many unique and bespoke experiences for our clients.

Our approach aims to provide a balance of excitement and improved perception through design, but we always try to aim for elegant solutions and timeless design - which will stand the test of time. It may not be obvious on the surface, but we try to incorporate inbuilt flexibility, where possible, such that our client’s buildings and spaces can be adapted and tailored to the changing needs of our clients.


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