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Link to COOLKITLIST 24 - (Click on this link or the image below)

Something about Light + Building in Frankfurt seems to attract a mixture of creativity and chaos, disruptors and disruption. This often transpires into a bit of an adventure for those brave souls travelling to or from the event. 

Aside from all the chaos, this is still the biggest and best lighting show globally, and this year attracted a fantastic and diverse mix of brands, products, and people.

This themes this year were Sustainability, Connectivity, and ‘Work + Living’.

As with previous years there were some bold claims about sustainability, but many of the brands were displaying some good progress and implementing some innovative ways to reduce waste and improve efficiencies. Considering the reduction of energy and materials, easily replaceable parts and upgradable components,  minimizing waste in the production/packing/transportation and installation of their products, using bio-based natural materials, re-using materials, fewer parts or multifunctional components.

There were some obvious examples of things becoming much smaller meaning less material, waste, transportation impact, and cost.

The fusion of light and controls was also prevalent with many Integrating lighting within other systems and incorporating access to different types of sensor data and triggers.

Glare management was mentioned a lot, but some clearly doing better at this than others, (which is why this type of event is so valuable - you can see with your eyes that things which can appear identical on paper or screen, don't always look or behave the same in reality!)

We always discover some peculiarities, innovations, and problem-solvers when our industry comes together like this - so with this in mind, here are some of our highlights of the latest and greatest lighting products and solutions in 2024 - 


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