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The Roughcastle Tunnel

Dynamic and responsive - Immersive Experience

The 180m long Roughcastle Tunnel links the Union Canal onto the aqueduct, providing a dramatic moment along the canal network. Naturally a dark space, the new lighting design provides an immersive experience, with dynamic and responsive lighting.

The standard lighting mode is deliberately set to low, with only selected fixtures on the towpath side illuminated to a low level. When a person approaches (by boat, foot or cycle) a light scene is activated to suit the time of day, year or occasion – this is energy, safety and environmentally aware.

A vibrant wash of colour ripples across full length of the tunnel in a rhythm that connects visually with the ribcage structure of the Wheel hoops further along the aqueduct.

The result is a very flexible, dynamic and autonomous installation, which can also be tailored to suit specific events or occasions

Client: Scottish Canals

Photography: Copyright © LA / Madeleine Gallacher Photography


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