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The Falkirk Wheel Experience

This project relates to the lighting of Scotland’s unique asset - The Falkirk Wheel - a global icon of contemporary Scotland. It is the world’s only rotating boat lift, a unique visitor attraction and world-renowned iconic engineering design.

The Falkirk Wheel (Marie Curie / COVID - Beacon of Light - light up event)

The Falkirk Wheel experience celebrates the unique architectural forms of this structure and enhances its presence within the landscape.

The result is a bespoke, flexible, dynamic and autonomous installation which increases the value of the Falkirk Wheel asset and accentuates this remarkable piece of engineering and design.

The new lighting will enable the visitor experience to be extended beyond daylight hours of operation, facilitating national light-up events, with interactive immersive experiences and activities after dark.

The Falkirk Wheel Experience

Our lighting and enhancements took inspiration from the architecture and canal surroundings to influence the colours, textures and patterns used on the wheel and adjacent infrastructure. Each light (or projector) and each of the Wheel’s structural components can be controlled in isolation – creating a dynamic canvas for different colour combinations, effects, or sequences.

AURORA - Northern Lights Show Sequence

The new features and facilities will help to extend the use of the site and visitor experience beyond the normal daylight hours.

The result is a very flexible, dynamic and autonomous installation, which can be tailored to suit specific events or occasions - it celebrates the wheel experience and enhances its presence within the landscape.


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