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Light Middle East 2023

Our founder and Creative Director is honoured to be invited as a Keynote speaker for LIGHTALKS, as part of Light Middle East & Intelligent Building Middle East from 17-19 Jan 2023 in Dubai.

This is a very exciting time for our professional - our ability to add value using light has never been greater than it is today… We have access to a fantastic array of tools, techniques, research, and knowledge to ensure that our client’s buildings and spaces not only look beautiful and function well but are more efficient, more effective, more enjoyable, and more sustainable.

The lighting industry has been maturing and evolving throughout the digital lighting revolution.

However, the challenges of our time now present new opportunities to rethink the way we design, how we collaborate, to play a larger role in the overall design process from a much earlier stage, to re-imagine how our buildings and spaces are designed and experienced.

Through understanding light, we can shape and influence architecture - improving our relationship with our environments, to incorporate more authentic and meaningful interactions with the way we use and experience light – as designers, manufacturers and as living beings.

Let’s explore these challenges at Light Middle East, and also the steps we can take to help each other chart a constructive course towards a better future.

You can register for this event and to attend Kevin's free session on Wednesday 18th January by following this link:

The Evolution of Lighting Design: A maturing profession in a new world of opportunities - (Understanding the now, next, why and how)

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