Working together creatively and effectively is one of the best ways to deliver an outstanding project.

Our designers will engage with the project Architects, Designers, Engineers and Specialist using a structured approach to design, so our lighting solutions can be coordinated and we can provide the relevant information at each stage of the design process:


Brief Development

Review and develop the briefing documents - to establish the aspirations, essential requirements, unique qualities and opportunities to add value.

Concept Design

Creative design concepts are tailored to each specific project. Visual concept materials are produced to convey the initial design ideas and are presented to the team.

Design Development

Development of concept designs. Calculation checks and tests. Production of initial drawings and outline specifications.

Technical Design

Design development. Technical specifications and equipment details are finalised. Co-ordination with other designers to support the integration lighting details. Detailed lighting layouts and documentation produced to support the tendering process.

Construction Phase

Liaise with construction team to assist with site queries, samples, inspections, and mock ups required. Attendance at selected site meetings. Assistance with commissioning and verification of lighting tests. Snagging of the completed lighting works and review of as-fitted information.

Post Construction

Guidance and support to the facility maintenance and management teams.

We liaise closely with our clients and their nominated design teams to explore, research and refine our designs - ensuring that the visual aspirations are achieved in ways which are technically robust, feasible and affordable.

“We learn about our clients business and understand how their spaces should work.”

approach lighting

“We explore our projects to identify their unique qualities, we consider the role of natural light, functional lighting and opportunities for enhancement.”

stair lighting
approach lighting

“Our approach enables us to improve the lit environment in a way which does not compromise the contents, function or feature of the space.”


“Through holistic design we ensure that we address the need for function, enjoyment, safety, energy conservation, special needs, buildability and ease of maintenance. This allows us to control the integrity of our design concepts and ensure that our clients aspirations are delivered and maintained.”